Kodjo Labs has said that he wants to be like Adebayor and follow the footsteps set by the Togolese football greats who have played in the Fifa World Cup.

The 28-year-old forward stated that he wants to emulate the paths of Togo’s most notable icons, Emmanuel Adebayor and Mohamed Coubadja, by featuring and scoring in the Fifa World Cup.

The striker who plays for Al Ain had his national debut for the West African country in 2016 and has registered 12 goals in 24 games for Togo. Togo’s only appearance in the World cup was in Germany 2006, where they couldn’t get past the group stage, with Coubadja scoring the nation’s only goal against South Korea. Majorly inspired by Adebayor and Coubadja,

Laba is interested in taking his international career to a higher level by leading his nation to the 2022 FIFA world cup in Qatar and scoring in the competition. According to Laba, I was motivated by various players when I was young, but it would be Adebayor if I chose one. The former Arsenal and Spurs forward is highly revered in his homeland due to his exploits in top European sides.

Further, there is Coubadja, who has scored many goals with the squad, especially that great strike in the 2006 World Cup. Coubadja is a popular name in Togo’s football. As a striker, I always want to emulate him. I am lucky to have met him a few times because he has offered me much advice.

My first dream is to qualify my country for the World Cup for the second time in our country’s history. As a striker, I will do all I can to mark my name in the tournament. I will dance like Coubadja if I see a chance to play and score at the World Cup.

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