Is there still a decent casino app bonus?

Previously, you could secure various bonuses for the mobile casinos, in addition to the offers of the desktop version. Sometimes there were bonuses without deposit, so you had a starting balance, if you have logged on the application for your smartphone.

In the meantime, the casinos are no longer promoting their mobile applications so much that you may get free spins on certain days via the app when you deposit. Otherwise you will find the same phone casino gratis bonuses as on the desktop.

What should you watch out for when playing games via the mobile casinos?

First, we only recommend stable LTE or better Wi-Fi connections to play. There can always be problems with the connection of wireless networks, so you should keep the interference as low as possible. Who wants to give up a win, becausethe connection breaks off, because one drives straight through a tunnel.

Otherwise you should always keep an eye on the battery and the data volume. Both the battery and the data volume are severely affected by the games, the associated data volumes and the computing power to run. Nothing is worse than canceling the free spins because the battery is empty.

Please do not save passwords or bank details in your smartphone. In the forum, there were several cases in which the cell phone was used by a relative to play – protect yourself from it and pass the passwords again and again.

If you follow this advice, nothing should stand in the way of using the mobile casinos. I do not like to play the app myself, but the three vendors I’ve suggested still seemed the best for me in the tests. Try it out for yourself, maybe you like the Daddeln on the smartphone better.

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